If you’ve embraced the career of being a traveling medical professional, you’re ready for excitement and new experiences. The level of fulfillment you get out of your work will largely depend on selecting the right travel agency. Here are some ideas to review as you’re picking which agency to contract with.

The Amount of Work

Excitement and pay will be a nonfactor if the agency doesn’t offer enough jobs. Don’t forget that if too much time passes between jobs, you will be required to redo compliance and credentialing to maintain qualifications. This will equate to lost time and money, not to mention increased irritation.

Do Adequate Research

Everything may look good on the page, but is it really an excellent company to work with? Is the compensation worth the time and effort? Will you be put into systems and networks that will value your contribution? You don’t want to find out that you’re with the wrong agency when you’re already too long into a contract.

Keep strong contacts with colleagues you’ve trained under and trained with. Keeping an ear to the ground about what’s going on in medical communities will keep you from signing up with a firm that places you in difficult networks. Review sites can give you another perspective of an agency, and don’t be afraid to reach out to people who work for them through social media. It could save you a lot of headaches.

Weigh All of the Benefits

Some perks go beyond just the numbers of what shows up on a paycheck. Since you’ll need to keep your own health in mind, check if clinical support is offered. Will the provided medical benefits suit your needs? In the modern market, free travel housing is also a must.

Don’t Look for Perfection

While you want a firm that can meet all of your desires, be realistic and realize that it’s unlikely a travel agency will have everything you want. While review sites can give you a peek into what a company might be like, disgruntled former employees are more likely to post than the satisfied long-term nurse, so put more stock in personal conversations with current contractors.

Figure out what your actual deal breakers are and what you can realistically put up with. Knowing and building a relationship with different recruiters will help you compare and contrast various agencies to determine who is the most compatible.

As a travel healthcare worker, you have a critical skill and level of education that is in demand. Make sure that you pick an agency that is right for you.